You’re off course as long as you continue to think and feel that someone has power over your choices

Ferndown GC Dorset, UK - 5th hole

Ferndown GC Dorset, UK – 5th hole

I would like to say that it does take everything you have, as far as discipline, as you change how you feel and think walking into the Universal Truths. Yes, you must make sure you are always looking from within your inner being, without beating yourself up. Yet , I do not talk much about the sweet joy that comes with this walk as you open yourself up to the truth.

There is so many answers that come with just recognizing why you put a safety net in place. It is the inspiration that has you continue to have the deep desire to learn more and more about the truth of how this glorious planet and universe works, the way our godness interacts and the whys of the walk that you as individuals take.

You  do not have to struggle at all. You just have to love, you have to learn to love yourselves the most. You have to learn that you have made the choices that have you expressing either for the gloriousness of you or the not-so-glorious you.

Begin to allow the understanding that nothing comes to you to express and experience that has not been felt deep within your heart of hearts. That is why it is so very important to see and hear the very thoughts you are having, whether today you admit that your thoughts are about you or someone else. If you are still saying, ‘It is because ******** has done this so I couldn’t do what I wanted’, you are still not telling yourself the truth.

As long as you continue to think and feel that someone has power over your choices you are still giving up the core of yourself and the truth about how this whole glorious Universe truly works. It is time for you to take stock of your actions- how you think about others and the words and thoughts you use continuously through out the day. Those are all the contributing factors to the hows and whys of your daily feelings and the experiences you are having.

Bring joy back into your world. Take the power that has always been yours to have and live to love and express in the sweet truth of this world. A need is the deep feeling you feel in the core of you. The more you learn to address that feeling in the trust and love that you have the right to be happy you have the right to have your needs met, the quicker you will begin to change the vibration of your heart which allows the Universe to match those changes and you will see a remarkable change in your life. Yes you will.





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