Your Undercurrents

undercurrentsIn class last evening we spent most of the time going over the homework of looking at the stories that were preventing the students from really walking through the process of evaluating before an event and then right after.

It was becoming apparent that stories about how we feel about anything without being challenged and tested frequently, just like your opinions and beliefs, become the undercurrent that you have about the true feelings about yourself.

Do you ever take the time to ask yourself with all seriousness how you feel about your life? It is time to do so if you have not. Why? Well it is your gauge of letting you know how the stories you tell to others and the stories you hold near and dear to you heart affect each and every moment that you experience here on the planet. I call these your undercurrents. This is one of the reasons when you are very diligent and learn how to use the tools that I share here that you still could be having those ‘almost’ creations.

They ‘almost’ fill your happiness scale, but because they did not come in to 100% you did not quite get out of the hole so to speak. So you are still in a struggle to make things work. We also talked about how important it is to be asking questions all the time. If you are one of those kind of people who suffer in silence you are actually compartmentalizing any and all experiences that to you do not seem like they are the same, or even related. Yet when you begin to question your stories out loud you will begin to see how, on a vibrational level, they match. Yet you are not gaining the skill that affects all those vibrational matches because you only look at one story and don’t combine them all to see how you feel in an overall process.

Then we began to work on evaluation. We talked about how by understanding that we must always evaluate only our own actions and how we feel about them, how by taking off the face of the people you were participating with so that you only hear the information through the conversations not the personalities of the participants in your life, you will get to the truth.

You must always remember that any information that comes to you from the internal source of your questions when you are sitting within yourself, those questions you are asking when you can not sleep or sitting while others around you seem to be having fun and all you feel is pain and solitude, at those times you are asking for help, for change in your life. So when information comes to you be aware that it is coming to you because of the internal call for help you sent out. Just because it does not look like what you would call the change you asked for don’t throw it away. The Universe does make perfect matches on the vibration that is truly in your internal heart.

This is why it is so important you know out loud and upfront how you really think and feel about what you have achieved and where you expected to be in this life of yours. This is another part of that undercurrent that can keep you from your being a success just for you, yourself… and the most important self is you!





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