Your Story Line Keeps You Unhappy

What does it mean to stand in your heart and be truthful to yourself? What does it mean when we feel a yearning in our inner being that does not seem to go away no matter what we try and do to make changes in ourselves?

Well, first of all, that internal God source is trying to get through all of our thoughts, words and deeds that are counter to the the simple joy that can be, and is, a birthright to simply be in our everyday experiences.

I know you yearn for this as everyone does. That is part of the frustration that you are feeling. When you look around and take stock of your life up to this date, you can see the ups and downs, yet so many people I hear from do not understand why there is so much that they do not feel good about.

Well, of course we are telling ourselves stories about our life experiences. The first tool that will begin to set you free from your stories is finding a mentor who will love you so much that they will not lie to you about how you are looking at your life.

It sounds very easy you would think, yet it is very rare to find those people in our lives that have the courage to stand up against our “not me!”, not to mention our anger because we feel they are not listening to us.

I am here to say, in the most loving yet not budging way, that your story line is what is keeping you un-happy in your life.

I say this for one reason Рyou can look at your story of your life and simply rewrite it. How would you do that you might ask? The first way is by very realistically, coming to the understanding that you were in charge of how you made the choices that resulted in the life choices you lived through.

So many people do not want to stand there. So instead they continue to walk through their life with unhappiness.

In the beginning it is not easy to look at the truth that we make every choice for our life. What most do not want to look at is why they made the choice.

You feel that you did not have a true choice and so, and so and so. Well I do agree that from a very young age we are making what I call reactionary choices. Look at that word. Sit with it for awhile and test it out on your tongue. I shall work with you now in my next few blogs about this reactionary choice and why we feel so unhappy within our life.

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