Your Quest… Should You Choose to Accept It

quixotic.tilt-at-the-windmills_0Let’s look at a question that will lead you to the discovery of the internal you. Why are you on this quest? When I ask the question and use the term ‘quest’ it is not to have you walk into a fantasy world like Dungeon and Dragon’s, it is for you to begin to look at the truth that this walk to Universal Truth is not just to fix your hurt emotions that you have been storing up since you can remember.

This quest is about finding how and why you choose every aspect about your life. How do you fit in with the whole scheme of the Universe itself? Are you an essential part in the Universe or are you just one of many plastic parts that can be easily replaced? The real secret to the quest is knowing that if you desire to be just a plastic part that can be replaced, poof you can be replaced .

This Universe has been created by the mass consciousness to support the walk of an individual mathematical equation. So no matter who you are or what you feel, you have the god right to express and experience it to the fullest. You will always have confirmation of what you are thinking and emoting the most.

If it is hate you will only experience and express hatred, if it is divine Love you will only experience and express love, and all those emotions in between. There is only one feeling on this planet and that is joy. Happiness is just a lighter feeling because most of you sit so heavy in what is called the matter of your physical stories. It is not totally your fault. This worlds social consciousness supports being a victim. If you have not put in the discipline so that you are aware that your thoughts allow you to continue the story you are telling, that you have a right to tell, then you won’t remember that at any moment you can stop, look, and listen to the words you are using that are supporting those hurt emotions and you will see where you are not telling the internal truth.

Because you have not yet come to that place where you say, “Stop! I only want my god-given right, I give up the veil that tells me I am not of the god essence of this Universe, I know that I can and should only be expressing through the vibration of joy.”

We have come here as true divine god beings, yes, each and every one of you. You came here because in the 5th dimension there are no limits. So here you created the concept of parameters and you are to push and create to the very wall of your parameter. Then you are to see how within that very parameter you are limitless. It is not to stop you dead in your tracks. To have you believe you do not deserve Joy as you see with your physical eyes others may have. It is for you to work with your five senses but not to rely on them as telling you the whole truth. It is for you to bring in your spirit, your full godness, and blend that with the five senses, that is what shall help you be the most glorious god here living in the divine joy that has always been your god given right.





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