Your Knowing – You, forewarning yourself

Well, I have been addressing with my students and clients a major question that can stop you dead in your tracks. So it is time to begin to discuss with you what a ‘knowing’ is and how do you begin to work with a knowing for your benefit and not your determent.

Can you use your knowings against yourself? Can someone else use your knowings against you? How do you know that it is your knowing and not someone else’s needs? What steps do we take to the shortest path in the physical world to get to our awakening of the knowing ?

These are some of the questions I will begin to address in the next few blog posts. So hang on because if you can absorb this information and then proceed to incorporate the steps into your life, it will change how you feel, direct, and live, your own physical expression on the glorious earth .

First of all… how to acknowledge that you have had knowings and have them in your life today. You must take the time, quiet time, and look back at your life. Look at when there was this quietness and yet a feeling within yourself that gave you information or A feeling of something that was about to come into your life. It can be of both natures.

Young Mother Kissing InfantFor some it can be a knowing that the life they are living right now is going to change. You get a feeling of ‘it’s done’. For me, the first knowing I shall share was I was holding my first born son. He was a week old I was getting him ready to go to his first doctor’s appointment. I was holding him close to me. I got this knowing that I was not always going to have him in my life.

I did not doubt this knowing. I just knew it. I began to cry and pray to god not to take my son away from me. I had just gotten him in my life.

There was a knock at my front door and I went to answer it, promptly forgetting that deep feeling that my son was not always going to be with me. Three weeks later as he was being baptized I felt these wings circle both my son and I completely. I felt warmed with the thoughts that went through my mind at the time. Of the comfort that those wings would give both my son and I. Then the day progressed and I simply lived my life.

Have you had that kind of feeling that somewhere within you, you know what you are doing or about to do is going to change? So often we do not take the few moments to acknowledge that kind of knowing has come to us. Well then life goes on for so many of us. We do not take the time to look at what the knowing had come to us for? Was the knowing preparing us for a life change that to the rest of the world would be debilitating?

As it happens, despite the fore-knowing, when I was going through the physical steps of separating from my son, I can acknowledge I was not as conscious as I am today, so I walked through it with only bits and pieces of looking back. Of course, today I could say, ‘oh yes, I should have known what I was feeling’, because today I am totally walking with my knowings intact and moving with each choice supporting my decision, and not running away from my internal gift of know ahead of time.

So, when the time came that I made the choice for my son to live with his Father, who was a very good man, I then had the knowing come crashing in on me. No, I had not taken the time to acknowledge the knowing until after the deep pain of my choice. I let guilt fall on me big time and I also allowed the physical worlds dictates of what that said about me fill my heart and head with clutter so at the time, I could not walk in the truth about what was truly the best for all parties. Since then, of course, I can see that all the parts of my knowing became an experience and the circle of the Angels wings is still surrounding my beloved Son and I.

So I shall, in the next few blog posts, begin to break down knowings and awakenings and how one is the beginning of the sequence and the other is the end of the sequence, and how you and I both have them and we can begin using them to our advantage and not to our detriment.








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