Your Heart’s Desire

listen-with-your-heartYou have begun to make changes in your life, you are seeing many things change for you and you wake up happy and feeling an expectation for the new day that is about to start. Yet once again you find yourself with doubt and not having the ability to trust your heart.

As I work with my students, this is the place that I begin to explain that as you made choices throughout your life, you were layering over places where you were standing in the truth and places where you were standing in the stories of your life. As you begin to take charge of your stories and release yourself from the bondage that you are holding yourself in, you will have places that surface where you have to work at an understanding because another story you have about your life is crossing over into the one you are working on.

You will just take the same steps as with the story you are working on. You must look at the choices you made. When I say you must look at the choices I am sharing that when you tell your life history, you are telling it from a vantage point of believing you could not have made a choice that would be harmful to you so of course it had to be the other person. This is where you automatically lose the power of the god source that resides within you .

Why you ask? Well there is no way that you can change any ones mind about their life story, so when you stay because you want to make them see your side of the story, you will never have it happen. You must understand they were living out their life story and depending on the vibrations, the opinions, the ideals, and beliefs that they have about themselves, they will not believe that they had anything to do with the ‘bad’ outcome.

So I repeat, you must take the accountability that you made choices, those choices include the people you are choosing to live your life out with, as well as what you are doing with your life. You must stop using your belief in lack to stop you from achieving anything your heart directs you to do.

Your heart is set magnetically at your birth so that you can achieve what it is that you are thinking, it is those choices that you have made about your life story that have set up the barrier between what you think to be true and how your true heart can and does achieve for you those deep desires.


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