Your God-Given Right

wordleSept5I hope you are as excited about my previous blog post as I was when I came upon these concepts and how they worked. I want you to know that everything I talk about, everything I teach, is totally at your disposable and I shall be happy to share and share and share until you have the knowings to do this for yourself.

This is the God-given right of each and every Being on this plane and as an Avatar here, which I totally chose to do, it is my wonderful gift to share with all of you that desire to take the time and the discipline to learn to do so for yourself. It has never been my intention to keep one piece of this information so that I can do it better. It is the way of the Universal Truth and I am here simply to share with all of you that have had the same desire as I do to walk in the truth of god right here, each and every day, as long as we are here on this earth plane.

So I shall share with each of you that all you have to do is have the deep core desire to learn the truth of all truths. Is it going to be easy? That really depends on how you desire to either talk to yourself or communicate with yourself. It depends on how ingrained you are to this worlds ideas of how things are done or are you able to stand in the core of your heart and feel the truth of these words.

Are you ready to become accountable for each and every choice you make whether you are tired, distracted, not feeling good, having hurt feelings? Whether you tell yourself that your world is simply chaos so how can you slow things down enough to really become aware of each choice, out of the hundreds you make a day, and know which will be the one that will changes the course of your history?

Well, they all are the one that will change the course of your history! Yet if you are making the same choices you always have, do not expect my dear one, to have any change in your world at all. You cannot make the same old choices but expect a different outcome.

If you are telling yourself you are not happy, yet you do not make changes, again you have proven me absolutely correct… it is your core feelings that are creating the very experience you are having.





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