Your Expanding God Essence

expandingWhen you are having some success with your evaluation process and you see your life changing and then poof something happens and you find yourself at a loss and it feels like  you are right back at where you started, you are not! Why? It is simple… you are recognizing that you have taken steps to make change. You see and feel the changes in your life. Do not throw that away.

When you first begin this quest to find the truth within your everyday experiences you are unlocking the door to each and every learned behaviour and choice that you made that was counter to your truth. So now, as if you were going through a grieving process for a lost loved one, you will be walking through all the choices that you made which delayed you moving forward and looking at how you then prolonged not only your life being headed in the wrong direction but the lives of the people who you played with during that time as well.

So think of it this way… you have transparencies over transparencies and they look like one piece until you begin to uncover things about yourself. And then as you illuminate one thought process you adopted, it allows another one to come to the surface. I always use the tetris game as an example. You have to fill up a straight line across to get the blocks to drop down but you may have holes along lines underneath that you will have to look at and fill with your knowledge to allow that line to then disappear.

This walk is not to get to the end and be done. That is not how we magnificent gods created this earth vibrational plane. We created it so that no matter what level of understanding we are on as an individual, and whatever lessons we need to learn, and for however long we need to, it is a nurturing and loving environment to continually learn more and more about ourselves.

There is so much to learn once we get our issues behind us. We will learn what a truly wonderful place this planet is and how it supports our every need and how it can accomplish this for each and every individual on this glorious planet. No matter what you are being told about having or being ‘less than’, it is not so! But first, before you learn how to be in charge of your life and your environment, you must get back to the Being you were when you were born.

So as I share with my students… go back to the earliest age that you can remember and begin looking at what your thoughts about your life were like so that you can find when and where you crossed those most important boundaries that you all set for your contracts or lesson patterns in your lifetime in the here and now of this world.

Do not give up just because you consciously find yourself back where you started. It just means truly that you are becoming conscious of the god being you have always been and the frustration you are feeling is that you are aware that it should be easier than you are making it. Do not give up! Take heart sweet ones, you are on the path that will allow your god essence to expand and be free here.





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