Your excitement should always be there in wanting to know what answers will come from you

quote-it-is-always-with-excitement-that-i-wake-up-in-the-morning-wondering-what-my-intuition-jonas-salk-53-80-13I would like to talk about learned behaviors. These are behaviors that you learned that were meant to serve as a temporary safety net but you lost sight of that. So now we need to talk about how easily you can deflect yourself from finding out the learned behaviors that are now keeping you from standing in your responsibilities and the accountabilities of making the changes to your thoughts and feelings and learning how to use your emotions as the very tool that will change your life.

When you are asked a question, any question, and your answer is, “I do not know“, please remember you took on that learned behavior when you were a child and your parents (not true guardians ) began to question you about your actions that they were not happy with. When you repeat a learned behaviour often enough it becomes your normal response and you forget that you just needed time with this particular example.

You needed time because you were already learning behaviors that kept you safe from those adults that lost control with you because of their own learned behaviours. Yes… you can begin to see the circle that is created when you do not take a true look at your answers to your own questions but instead you just ask yourself several questions without looking at the fact that you need to ask one question then allow the answer to come to you. Off of that answer you ask another question. It is in this way that you come to the core learned behavior. In this you will then begin to see how that learned behavior is now today getting in your way to unlocking your actions in any scenario where you feel you are trying to be in control vs being the true god being that can be in charge of all your actions, words and deeds.

Remember whenever you are deflecting from a question that is asked of you, you are running away from finding out something about yourself you would say you do not like. So it is up to you to listen to any and all questions and keep in mind that you as the god being have asked to have these questions put to you so you can unlock the door to a learned behaviour. That does not mean the questioner has the right to be yelling and screaming at you. No, they as well need to use love and empathy as they are learning their lessons in this shared experience. If the questioner is seeming to ask the questions in anger or pain they as well are not taking the accountability in their own learned behaviours.

In any scenario, whether you are answering the questions or asking them, you should be jumping from both sides of the question as you allow the answers to be a part of your experience. This is the way you learn and then leap frog to the next level of understanding about the who’s and what’s of your internal being. The glory of this life is that each and every moment we are learning something more wonderful about the unique and glorious way this Universe works and how it has always worked.

So your excitement should always be there in wanting to know what answers will come from you with the very next question that is asked of you.





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