Your Emotional Stories are Sabotaging You

Breaking-self-limiting-beliefsWhen you begin to see that your emotional stories have a direct correlation to how you respond to everyday scenarios, and how they actually sabotage your daily life, you will then understand why it is so important to get your emotional pain out of those compartments.

You want to be able to recognize when you are being triggered into a response from something that you have total control over. Yes, you do and you will become very good at recognizing how it happens when it happens and the not react in the way of your past.

This is how you begin to be in charge of your life. You will see how you can let go of the concept that you have to control all things around you. Understand, if you are trying to control the world around you some where in your past you have been abused. Whether it was physical or physiological.

You can even tell yourself you came from a perfect family but, if you are trying to control any or all life experiences, you are not and have not ever been in charge. Being in charge gives you a great feeling of how gently and easily the Universe matches each and every feeling that you are asking to experience. They come in quietly and they are in love and joy. If there are undercurrents to any of the experience you simply will not be made aware until afterwards. Then you may hear about them and be in awe of the fact that others were in turmoil and you were never even aware or affected. That is being in charge of your choice to participate in the experience. To be in control you will really see it start to dissolve in front of you time and time again.

So, the importance of opening the compartments to find how you are being triggered from emotional pain from the past is the first step to finding the ability to take total and complete charge of each and every experience you have.

If you are finding that you are frustrated with the scenario and you know you should be having things work for you, then you know you are ready to start accepting the fact that you are the sole creator in your world. That is the first step. How do you do that? You ask. Well… the first step then is to accept that you, as a god being, sit in a feeling and then, depending on how much attention you put into that feeling, it becomes an experience just for you.

Yes, it is that simple. Now all you have to accept is the responsibility that each feeling you sit in with positive expectancy you will experience, as well as those negative emotions that you sit in not wanting to have you will also experience. Why? Because the Universe does not recognize any, “I do not want this or that,” it only recognizes that a vibration is being sat in. There is no person better deserving or no “I don’t deserve”… the Universe simply matches the vibration you are sitting in the most. So once again you are totally and completely in charge of the vibration you sit in the most.

I am sure you can see where this is going, so you must open those compartments, you must see where your triggers are for behaviors that are allowing you to have hurt emotions. The longer you sit in those emotions the more of those kinds of experiences you are going to have. It will not help to pretend to be positive. The Universe is not fooled by your words of positive. It only matches your internal feelings or emotions . Whichever you sit in the most. So you can tell very quickly what it truly is you are sitting in, your emotions or your feelings, simply by learning to be brutishly honest with yourself. Meaning don’t try to tell yourself something about yourself that you know is not the truth.

You, in your internal heart, know what happened and how it happened. Keep it real, it is the only way you will allow yourself to let go of stories that only lead you to unhappiness. This is where you are in charge. Stop telling the story in a way that you did not make the choice to participate. As long as you blame someone else, then you lose your ability to be in charge of simply you.






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