You Need To Be Happy!

I have so many people ask me how they can know what their needs are. As we are talking they are expressing what they think their needs are. I know that most of us feel our needs are those things like food, clothing, housing, jobs.

There was a time when I also would have said those are my needs. I have, through my studies and life experiences, come to a different understanding about what needs are.

When you are contemplating life changes, it is not because these things are not happening in your life. It is because you are not happy with how they are happening in your life.

So your first need is to learn to be happy. Now that does not mean you simply train yourself to be happy with how your life is right now. It is about recognizing what you need to be truly happy and filling those needs so that you begin to have a life of abundance and happiness. To you that may be something different than what it will be for the people around you, and as you walk forward learning about how to make yourself happy that will become apparent to you.

Then you will begin to learn how to compromise. Not a compromise where one person has to give up something to have something else. No! A true compromise from the Universe is where you are truly only doing those things with those people that in every and all ways makes you happy.

My biggest fear was I was going to have to give up the friends and family that I was having issues with.What I found and what you will also find, is those issues tend to disappear once you begin to look at them as lessons just for your own understanding of having peace and joy on this earth. You let go of a lot of your emotions around the scenarios that used to be so important.

I do not mean you pretend everything is all happy and simple. No, this world is not happy or simple, it is chaos and shall always be chaos, yet you can learn to walk in tranquility within the chaos without it ever touching you in any way .

Yes you can. Realistically, there will be some people, those that have to have drama in their lives for instance, who will fade into the background, but new people will come to the forefront. What you will find is the friends and family that participate with you in the truth shall really be the ones you will be the happiest with anyway.

Remember the reason we are here is to play, to use our energies and put vibrations in the mix, to have fun and learn.

Delrae J Bantz

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