You Must Know Who You Are

questionsWhen you begin to truly use and be aware of how everything that you experience in your life comes from your very own most inner heart, you will then realize how very important it is to know once and for all, you must know who you are, why you have the opinions and beliefs that you have, and when you made the choice to believe and carry the stories you do.

What did you choose at the time so that today you do not remember making a conscious choice to walk away from your very own soul? Where were you when you decided to walk away from your most internal heart to do something big or little that began the life existence you are living right now?

When you become acutely aware of how important the feelings about who and what you are within your internal heart is, you will take the time it takes each and every day to explore and acknowledge when you need to change the heart beats that promote the littling of your magnificence.

It is time for you to stand up for the magnificence of who and what you are.

If you are not happy with the way you are waking up in  the morning then ask the questions, listen to the answers, and begin taking the steps to living the style of life that your heart feels it deserves. This planet has been created to support the god beings from their heart knowings and no matter what anyone else may say to you about losing your soul, if you are not feeling the glut of happiness, the overflow of love in your world from your heart, their words mean nothing.

There are many concepts and ideals, many religions, that say you must do it their way, it is the only way. Well they have it partly correct but the truth is, you must always and only listen to your own heart at all times. You see… when you follow the truth and love of your own heart, you would learn very quickly there is no lack of anything that you need. There is no ‘less than’. You will very quickly begin to see that if you are feeling sad and that things go wrong in the very next day things will begin to go wrong. If you pull your boot straps up and look deep into your own heart and hear when you are beating yourself up and change how you look at yourself, you will, in the next 24 hours, see things begin to change.

It is how you are truly feeling today… the undercurrents that run through your heart, which sends it to the brain which becomes your thoughts… is what you then have as a physical expression tomorrow.

So those who say tomorrow never comes, SURPRISE! it does… and it is the exact experience of what your heart was feeling yesterday. So take heart, look at who you are within yourself not what others say about you. Take charge, not trying to control others and your environment. You are always in charge of your thoughts, your words, and your heart, so stop trying to manipulate others into changing so you do not have to look at the change you need to feel.





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