You must keep walking your way to that new desire

questions-featureOkay let’s talk about when you are holding an energy for a creation and you can see it surfacing and yet it is not quite at your fingertips. What do you do to have your dreams come to reality and the most wonderful expression in your life? You are really going to be surprised but the fact is you keep doing what your doing.

For example: Say you are looking for a new job and you want to move to a new city. You have applied for that one job that you think will be a perfect fit. Then nothing happens. You keep looking and hoping and waiting for that email with the response from that new company but nothing. How do you hold the energy in your heart that says ‘YES Universe… this is exactly a perfect match just for me.’?

Look around… what things do you have to do on your ‘to do’ list that have nothing to do with watching for an email ? You must continue moving and doing all those things on your ‘to do’ list as if you already have your perfect job. So any loose ends in your life… whether that is writing emails to a person that you need to communicate with about issues that have nothing to do with that new job. Or even begin the process of packing away those things in the closet that you are not using on a daily bases. These mundane actions in another direction are the very things that notify the Universe that you are serious about needing this change in your life.

It is really like that joke of the man praying to God why don’t I win the lottery and God speaks from on high “Buy a lottery ticket!” It is that simple. You must keep walking your way to that new job. Get your ducks in their rows, make sure each and everything that needs doing is done. Moving, changing, making yourself new, does not mean you leave things untidy and undone behind you. It is about removing old energy, dealing with all your old stories, clean them up and have that knowing within yourself that all is well and you could now stay right where you are at and be the most successful God Being there is.

So again, the wat you maintain the energy behind a creation that you desire with your heart is to simply continue cleaning up the old issues in your life as you know that your time is to have all those glorious things that you dream about your Style of Living should be. Not the lifestyle you have been living.

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