You must become the primary participant in your life

universe1Last week in class we were discussing how each of us, even when asked questions, still do not make choices that allow for us to be the primary parrticipant in our lives. Really! Did you really just read these words? I am telling you that even though you have been working with true diligence to find out about how to make you the most important person in your world, you are still talking yourself into being the secondary participant in your very own life.

Why do you think this is happening to the mass populace? Even with all the tag words and slogans and mantras that are professing Self Awareness? The first thing to become aware of is that you are making statements to yourself as you are looking at the internal core of your being. In so doing you are not getting an answer. What is happening is that you are trying to make your tools be the very thing that hampers you from finding out the truth about you. How are you doing this?

When you are trying to answer a statement that you have just made to yourself you are being facetious. You are trying to tell yourself you should already know these things and believe this or not, it is you that is cutting down your own self esteem. Yes… by having statements of frustration like, “I should not be repeating this. I already know all of this.” you are sabotaging yourself. Well think about it… a statement like that does what to you?

How did it make you feel when someone in anger or judgment said to you, “Why did you do that? You know better!” Well you are doing that to yourself again and again. Remember, any time you feel frustration it is your body telling you that you are walking away from the Universal Truth. When you are hearing things that you yourself have been asking to have answers to, yet you want to lash out, be upset, and have hurt feelings about, that is your inner child trying to learn to grow up. It is not about not allowing the emotion but to understand you have the choice, right in that moment, to take a minute or two and talk with yourself about how the emotion you are feeling has nothing to do with the answers you are getting.

What I am saying is look at the choices you have been making. Evaluate so that you can honestly keep the choices that support you being the primary reason you said yes, then look more closely at how you are repeating the action steps that keep you on the loop of repeat patterns. Only through that honest conversation with self about how you see that it is you and only you that make the choices from the core of you that is putting you second in your world, will you be able to make true changes in your life. Take the time to look at the truth.

The truth is, if you are sitting in an expectation of how your life should be going and for whatever reason you are not having that experience, it is simply because you are still in some way not choosing simply for you.





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