You have to make the time to make a change

The Universal Truth is about filling your own needsWhat does it mean to stand in one’s power? To stand in the Wisdom and Love of the Universal Truth? How does that truth differ from the truth that we claim we are standing in, in our everyday life?

Have you ever taken the time to evaluate these questions? I speak to so many people who begin to work with me and then they tell me they are just so busy in their everyday lives that they do not have the time to ask these questions of themselves.

They tell me that to journal or really take the time to contemplate just is not working in their busy hectic lifestyle. I am here to say that is the very reason they have the kind of chaos and pain that they have in their lives. Do you take the time for yourself, time that is truly necessary to decide with confidence and quiet peace, time that would set you free from the kind of life that you are coming and talking to me about?

We have all tried to take ourselves out of our lives. For the time that we are ‘out of our life’… whether we are calling it work or vacation or a retreat… Do you take with you the lessons and the truths that can be incorporated into your everyday existence? If not, then you are not going for the Universal Truth… all you are doing is going for respite and not to truly change your life existence on this everyday world.

I know for a fact that you can bring your mountain top experiences into your every day world and you should do so. Of course you get to take time away from the hectic aspects of this world, yet you can, and should, strive to have that peace in your day to day life as well. Everyone deserves a change of scenery now and then, yet the Universal Truth will make your life tranquil and give you a deeply profound sense of peace in each and every moment you experience . If you are having pain, if you get exhausted with your interactions with people or a person in your life, it is because you are trying to fill someone else’s needs and not your own.

Once you understand that the Universal Truth is about filling your own needs, you will not be having to explain to someone else why you must take care of yourself. You will be filling your own needs and the overflow of your joy and happiness will be felt by those that match your vibratory energy.

If you have someone that is begging you to or yelling at you to stand up and fill their needs, then you are not standing yet in a 100 % of your needs. That is why you are being tugged to fill or try to fill someone else’s. That is where the pain and hurt really comes from. Before you understand you should be filling your own needs, and in those early days when you’ve just made this discovery, you will be most vulnerable to believing what is said by those outside of you. That is the only time someone can put that claim on you to do so. Do your best to go within and seek the truth.

So today, look at the truth of your relationships. Are you being asked by someone else to fill their needs or to take care of them? Or even more importantly, are they claiming you are not doing things that measure up to what they are doing?

Look at these statements coming at you. It will tell you exactly where you are standing in your sense of Universal Truth. To move toward the truth, go within and start asking questions about what this means to you. Then listen for the guidance within and let this guidance drown out the voices outside of you.

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