You Have the Power to Change Your Life

power-to-change-gws2When we communicate with one another why do we take the information that was shared with us as bad or sad or happy or glad or all those words that we can use? When I am working with someone I can tell just by how they are sharing their life stories with me if they are taking the responsibility and accountability that comes with being in charge of their lives.

Once you begin to look at your life with you being in charge, you begin to see that each choice that you make is the choice that either supports your old belief or supports the concepts and ideal life you desire.

Now you would think that making a life altering decision alone would bring to you the opportunities that simply would change your life, yet how many times do you make New Year’s resolutions and within a very short time you are right back to the old way of living and thinking?

So it is when you make Life Decisions. You have your life because of the way you think about yourself, about the people around you and how you interplay within those parameters. So you have created a routine, and in that routine, when you made the decision to change, did you take the time to get to know how your thoughts direct you into choices that you think you are making for yourself yet are only playing right into the routine of your old life and the very way you played with the people that you want to walk away from?

You say, “But I know how I am feeling, I know what my thoughts are.”

Oh do you now? I say you have not listened to yourself for a very long time. How can I say this? Well…

if you had been listening to your inner thoughts the first time your heart felt that warning that this choice you are making does not feel good…

If you would have taken a different stance with those in your life at that time…

you simply would not be in a place of distrust and hurt. You would be totally aware of each opportunity as they come to you. It would not take days for you to feel you are making the right choice for you, you would know by the inkling that tickles at your heart whether this is the going to support your decision for your life change or simply having you think the choice you are making is still part of the old routine.

Once you start truly telling yourself the truth about how you feel about each and every thing you are doing, or not wanting to do but still doing, you will begin to see how simple it is for you to pick just for you and no one else.

Once you begin truly choosing for yourself, you will see things melt away from you. People will be telling you they can see how happy you are. They will start asking what you have done because Wow! You are awesome to be around. Your fears and stumbling blocks will simply fall away from you. You will feel what the difference of being in charge of your life and your opportunities instead of trying to control each and everything around you.

You will see your life flow in the ways of abundance and gratitude as well.



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