You Have a Divine Guidance System. Are You Using It?

followyoursoulYour knowings have always been in your life. They are simply here for you to prepare yourself for the awakening of your divine spirit to walk with you openly here in this wonderful expression on the place called Earth. You have been asking for a clear and concise way to walk here in a day to day expression without worry, fear, or stress. You have been asking to have love in your life .

Poof, your divine guidance system has kicked in and is giving you the fore-Knowing that what you are asking for is going to become a sequencing event in your life. Then for some reason, unbeknownst to each of you, you decide hell no, I am too scared for that kind of change. What?! This is simply because you are attached to those very essences that you know in your heart are not supporting the real you.

You have not taken the time to see that anyone around you does not know the real you anyway, yet you seem to have a care that they might look differently at you because you are doing something just for you. Have you ever taken the time to really ask yourself this question, “If I have to hide so much of myself in the life I am living, then what am I really sharing with those very people, friends and family that I am so concerned about what they think of me?”

They have no clue who you are Sweet one. The truth is you were not a vibrational match to begin with. You knew in your heart that you were settling. Yes you did! You all know when you are settling, when you hope it will work out. How often do you say to yourselves, “Well I was thinking about it but…”?

This is where you get off track. You  are making choices to not support your knowings. Like the knowing that tells you you are going to have a family and a beautiful life, yet the person that you are interacting with does not fill your heart to over-flowing, and yet you  have this knowing.. *sigh* oh well, you quietly say, this must be the one, I see no one else, I have had no one else. So you make a choice. A choice that makes you unhappy for most of the time. Not all the time, but to a point where you know (once again a knowing) that you simply cannot continue to live this way.

What choices are you now making off of the fact you chose to not support your knowing? Are you saying but, now I do have family members, and this whole network of family and that is so important to me, what about the history I have with those people?

Well, are they enough to nourish your internal god being? Can you walk the life you know you should be walking? Are you truly being the all of you or are you afraid to be that which you know you are?

If you are doing this very thing then you must have the courage to make the changes your knowings have already been sharing with you. No longer look at your life thinking you can’t make changes because you do not see any other way without hurting someone else. Will you please stop and look at how many hours you are spending hurting yourself? Will you stop and for once say, I must stop hurting the most important person in the world to me!

It is not wrong to put yourself first. By putting yourself first you start to hear and feel that divine guidance system that has been in place since the moment you were born. You have had glimpses of it working for you. Once again those are your knowings. Only you can start standing up for them. If you get really brave then start sharing your knowings. Why? Because then as you falter from your knowings those that you have shared with will begin to question you, they will challenge you in a way that will help you stand up for what your inner knowing is all about, which will in turn teach you that your knowings are there. That they have always been there and that they are for your benefit to stay in line with your contracts and lessons that you, yourself, truly set up for you to express and experience here in the walk you choose to have, not the one you are in now..

Have peace in your hearts dear ones, as you begin to unravel the life you are living vs the one you were intending to live. If you need me to help just write me or set up a session call or physically with me. Or for you and your friends there is always the option of hosting a small gathering.






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