You get to feel MAD!

Okay, we have now gotten to the place where we can start seeing that we are really mad a lot of the time.

We have become really good at calling it a multitude of things such as stress, moody, PMS, sleep deprivation, depressed, that time of the month for both sexes, anxious…  can you see where I am going with this thought?

We use so many different titles  that we get lost in the fact that somewhere down the line we were simply mad, and were never taught how to deal with our own feelings. This is where our Guardians should have been in place. Instead we had Parents

Please remember… they had Parents too. The thing we want to get away from is the excuses that are used by the populous. We must really begin the process of learning that we do not blame anything on any one. We have to learn that all life experiences are to teach us to go within ourselves for all the answers.

That is going to be the biggest block to learning about how to change any thing in your life. We have been allowed to blame and make excuses.

I always tell my students… any thing after the “but” is you trying to make an excuse that is plausible only to you.

Everyone and I mean everyone else can hear that it is not working for you to explain that any farther than the BUT.

So now some back ground information. In this magnificent experience in this Universe there is one law.

The law of Cause and effect.

There are no Laws that say wrong or right. I am talking Universal laws. Whether we know of them or not they affect our lives.

Anyway, to get back to Cause and Effect. You feel it, you get to experience it.

Pretty simple really. There is no part of the law that says, if George feels it you are going to get the backlash of Georges’ feelings. ( sorry to all the Georges out there, I just like using that name.)

This concept that someone else can hurt your feelings has to be debunked.

When you can get to the point of looking with excitement and  breaking down your physical experience just to see where the lesson was/is, you will see a big change in your life for the better. I mean the greatest time in your life.

You will not see anything as bad or good. You will simply sit in the joy of learning all things about this great place called life…

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