You can only cheat on yourself

Cheating on one’s self. Let me see. This has been a long time coming. I have spent much time contemplating what this means. I have come to the conclusion that we cannot cheat on each other in our relationships. We can only cheat on ourselves. Why did I come to this conclusion? Well, this is why.

When we stand in truth with ourselves we would not be making most of the choices we are for the reason’s we tell everyone we are. In other words, when we decide to get involved with another man or woman do we do it as a whole and complete person or are we looking for someone that will complete us? That’s the message many of us have received yet that idea, the idea that we need someone to ‘complete’ us and the actions taken in that vein set us up royally .

When we do not stand in the truth about our weak points and truly work on making them strong, we rely on someone else to do it for us.

They of course are doomed to fail. Yes, they are. They do not have our feelings. They can only guess as to what it is we may desire or need.

This is where the beginning of cheating lies. Because we did not want to look at the pieces in ourselves that needed to change so we put them all on someone else.

Then the blame game begins. Some of the very statements that I have heard are:

“Why would you do that to me? You are my spouse you are supposed to be there. Why can you not do these things for us?”

The list of course can go on forever. We have all heard these questions and statements and have even used some of them ourselves. Yet the truth really is in the moment you met someone. How often have you seen, either in your life or the life of someone you care about, the runaway bride syndrome? You know, where someone changes so radically because of likes and dislikes of the new person in their life.

So again, I come to a place where I must ask, “are you doing to someone else the very cheating that I am speaking about? Are you expecting someone else to make you happy instead of looking deep within to see what you could be doing to make yourself happy?

Do you agree with me? If not Challenge me….. come on let me hear what you have to say.

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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