You are trying to communicate with yourself

You-Have-To-Be-Real-With-YourselfAs you are beginning to see, to choose just for yourself you must blend the feel of your value and your heart. You have spent so much time listening to other peoples hearts and what their needs are, and you have done your bloody best to fill them, yet here you are sad, and you feel like with all you do for others, no one else seems to be able to hear that it is your turn.

I would like you now to say to yourself , what if the one person I am trying to get to hear me is me? Would you be able to realize that all this time that you have been trying to get others to hear your words of being unhappy, of being tired, of needing love like no other love, is really you talking to yourself?

You did not listen when your heart, the very first time said to you, ‘if you do this you are putting value/love on someone else more than the value/love you put on your internal god soul’. Yes, that is what your heart was saying and you felt so bad the very first time. Yet because you did not say out loud, until those people heard you, that you simply could not do so… because you were just little and they did not want to listen, why did they not want to listen? They did not want to listen because they were forced to walk over their values/love of self and they did not see how badly it affected them, even though they sat in the belief, “No one hears me!” and “I am so sad with the way my life has turned out.”

So I say to you the most important thing you must do for yourself is to reestablish the value /love you have for just you. You have heard me say from day one that Self is Necessary. You must learn that the more value you place on the choices that you make for your heart, the greater love will spill from your heart, and it is that over flow of joy and happiness that others around you will feel. You must never allow your chalice be depleted otherwise your over flow, that touches those people around you, never feel that you love them and are giving them everything you have.

The greatest gift you can share with others is to teach them that each choice they make in each moment of their day is to only choose those things that support the true god in their lives. When we do that, then we will only experience the sweet joy of our internal connection with god.





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