You are now approaching your crossroads

Which way to go?

Which way to go?

I would like to talk with you today about those times that you don’t have any feelings at all. I have been doing small gatherings and in my last one I had two very wonderful people in the gathering but both of them are struggling with not being able to touch their feelings. As I was working with them and giving suggestions it was very apparent that both of them wanted to have proof that if they put the discipline in to making the changes in their lives that they better have results.

This is a very difficult place to be in. This learning about you being totally accountable for every feeling you have takes such deep dedication to working from the other side of the position that you are now standing in. This is not about fake it till you make it. I do not believe that faking anything changes things in your life.

What I mean is you have to take stock of your thoughts each and every moment. You have to reaffirm to yourself each and every time, and I do mean every time that you start feeling bad about the ‘whatever’ and pull up your boot straps and remind yourself you are choosing to change. You have to be the one to be your very own cheerleader. It has to be felt from the core of you that you want the change and that you are willing to do all it takes to hold your mind and thoughts in check.

This is where you must have the love and empathy for yourself. The world is not going to support your walk of self accountability. The world out there supports being a victim. It supports the idea that things happen and you are powerless to make the change. Yet, that is what changed your world and tipped it upside down. You made a conscious choice to go one way. That way was building a safety net.

I mean you created the easy way out. In so doing you forgot you did not make the choice that was the very best for you because you did not want to be accountable for the physical steps that you would have to take. It is right there that you must take the time to look at and really tell yourself the reason you did not stand up for yourself. This takes much empathy and love for self.

Why you ask? Well it was right there that you made a choice not to support the very essence of your soul and in so doing you walked away from your Internal God Source. The feeling of numbness is the knowing, my friend, that you are not in connection with your God source.

You are now approaching your crossroads – Are you going to study and reacquaint yourself with the truth about the God being that you truly are?

The choice is yours and has always been yours, what do you choose – Life in Universal Truth or the walk to the end of this life course?





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