You are being directed… are you listening?

listen-with-your-heartSo to make a change in one’s life you do what? You wake up in the morning and say I want to be different? Well maybe, but most of the time it has much more to do with not being happy with choices that we seem to be forced to make.

The more people that I work with, the more I see that the real issue is when you first had the moment in your consciousness that a different choice had to be made in your life. It was at that time that you gave yourself a reason that you could not make the choice. Yes, that is the exact moment you started having to make choices against your wishes.

Then you find yourself in the very same position time and time again. Of course, when you have come to the end of your rope and finally truly decide to make that internal change, you start to experience ultimate joy. Yet, in that joy, the people in your life begin to feel a change in you. They begin to get scared… they pull at the old parts of you… They begin to get what I call ‘mean’.

They will use all the old arsenal that has worked against you in the past. They need you to play that old role. If you do not play that old role they no longer have the validation that they use to tell themselves they are okay. If you mean to make a change you must be on guard against letting yourself get pulled back into the old role. It is here that you begin to create your new role. The one that fits where your ideas and concepts are taking you.

Will you know what your life is going to look like? No, and you should not try to design it either. It is the greatest gift that you can give yourself, by simply and quietly taking a step and living that step. That physical choice that you take should be nourished, and fostered so that the new you can take root. So that you can see what this new action looks like and feels like. That is how you are going to be able to teach yourself how to make choices just for yourself.

You will begin to see that the choice you make today is the direct result in your physical experience tomorrow. Yes, that is correct. Depending on which feelings, thoughts and concepts that you put into your choice today, will have a direct correlation in how your physical experience will be tomorrow.

We have been told we have no choices and that it is fate, or karma, or it is at the whim of someone or something else outside of ourselves. Now is that not the most convenient reason to walk as a herd of sheep? My God has never asked me to do anything blindly. I have been directed to contemplate each and every action I have ever taken so that I can see the direct result of my action for today and how that comes about and is a very real physical experience tomorrow. Have you really talked with your God?

Have you really gone directly to your Internal Source and built the rapport with your internal God so that you can have very real discussions and contemplate your true walk with the assurance that the guidance you are receiving is in the truth and the Universal Truth at that? I highly urge you to do so today!

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