Writing a New Story of YOU

One of the hardest parts of learning to have the truth that ‘Self is Necessary’ work in your life, is knowing how to let go of the guilt and obligation that the whole world wants to put at your doorstep. At least that is how it is perceived by each of us in the very beginning. That does change once you take a look at why your internal emotions allow that to be your story.

You are going to hear me use the term story a lot as I continue. A story is very necessary in the vibration of this world and the life experiences that we have.

It is the story that we as an individual tell and express to others to share who we are and how we became that Being. Yet you want to ask yourself… have I taken the time to look at the fact that even though I tell this story, others may have the same story, yet have a different outcome with their emotions and thoughts?

Question yourself deeply about this. Take the time to look at stories out there that express your experience and those that are the same as yours but, are not expressed at all like yours.

This is the beginning of seeing how, when you write/tell a story, it affects your emotional state of mind. It is that emotional state of mind that you are sending from the core of your being. This is then sent back to you in physical experiences from the Universe.

This is where, when you learn to see these physical experiences as lessons and things that you break down on a regular basis, they do not become a story about something that happens to you. Then you can begin to practice having a story about what you would like to express through your physical life and have it actually happen for you .

Use the story as a place to hold your directed feelings not the reactionary experiences that most of the physical population is experiencing.

This is why you do not want to use others as a gauge of what you should be feeling. How can they be a measure for you? They are having their emotions and experiences because of their stories.

Once you begin to see how really easy it is to write a different story for your emotions and thoughts then you can not feel guilt and obligations for making choices just for Self. You will know that you are the only one that can write your story because… why would you waste a moment in this life of yours by playing in a story you have no control over?


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