working with grief

Grief – what should we do with it? Each and every one of us are going to one time or another have to experience this feeling. What is the best way to deal with it?

As our world is changing around us there seems to be more and more people that we know who seem to be crossing over to the fifth dimension… or what many term heaven. When you work closely with the fifth dimension you get used to that concept of death because you gain a different understanding of it. But that does not let you off the hook when it comes to experiencing grief.

Each and every one of us are going to have someone close to us leave this plane of existence. We will all have to look at our feelings about the person in our lives that leave us. What is the most honest way to share our grief and yet stand true to our feelings about what this person was to us?

Yes… even if we may have not liked the person that left we will still have a grieving process that we have to go through.

So what is the first thing we should do? We should let ourselves stand in the truth. We should give ourselves permission to express the truth about our feelings . We do not like everything about everyone here. We should be able to express that as well as how much we loved them. We can learn to be okay with the fact that we may not have been good at expressing our true feelings about the person and circumstance of that person in our lives.

We should also let others grieve the way they need to. Not to judge it, but to allow ourselves and others the gift of understanding. Do not be afraid to say, “I love you, I know I am not feeling the pain you are right now, yet you matter to me, so share with me your stories about this person.” Do not shut down your self expression as well if you are just there to let them share .

The worst thing that any of us can do is shut someones flow down.

Let them talk… let them cry… let them be mad. Just be with them. Hand them a¬†tissue, but let them share.

Let yourself have the same gift by sharing your feelings in the same way. Grief should not be avoided. It should be shared with those people around you. Love yourself and let love come from others. It is all part of the process of grief.

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