With Changes Comes Change

changingAs you are beginning to truly understand how to use the evaluation process, and you see really wonderful results, you will begin to see this world in such a different way than most others do. You will hear people who you love talking and yet they do not realize that their words reveal they are standing deeply in the ‘less than’. It shows you where the undercurrent lies within their concepts and ideas. It shows you where their fears are about the state of affairs, about what they believe their world is truly like.

They will have trouble understanding you as well. Do not be surprised when they look at you as though you have lost sight of the reality of their fears. I am sharing this because there will come a time when you will choose to only surround yourself with people of like mind. Those that are learning lessons daily with each and every one of their experiences. There will still be chaos happening in your life. And at times you will have a sadness in your heart because of situations that are out of your control.

Remember though, that even though others have their walk on this plane and it is not like yours, you still get to be in charge of how you handle yourself and how you know that all will be okay in your world at all times. You no longer have to fear the ways in which the world looks because you know that it is your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings of this moment in this now that creates for you your tomorrow.

You need to begin to remember this because if you allow the chaos of the world around you to touch that inner core of your being you will see the results in the life experiences you will begin to start have happening .

This wonderful planet is created so that it will support you and give you evidence to support the thoughts and feelings you are having. So for example, look into your past… When you were unhappy with your life did your world not support that all things were against you? Yet once you took charge of how you look at the stories you have been calling your life, and you incorporated the knowing that you are the divine source behind each and every experience you are having, you will find your world supporting your happiness.

Take heart… there are god beings here that will support your thought process as you are walking more and more into the Universal laws and truths of who you really are and that you have the birthright to be that god being. Love those around you and with gentle empathy only speak your truth even if they do that little laugh while thinking, ‘you are so off the beaten track and I feel sorry for you when you find out differently.’

Remember then, with love in your heart, you have already done the walk of being in the dark and being in fear of what can be taken away from you. It is only you who can be in charge of your heart, the thoughts you have, and how you are going to direct those wonderful and glorious thoughts. Be the glorious god being that you are now realizing you truly are.





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