Why You NEED to Give to Self

happiness_CharlieBrownWhen I think about what I am going to write about, I do have to pause for a few minutes and ask myself… “Are the things I am learning about myself the truths that I should be sharing with you?”

I ask this question of myself because I have found the freedom of making choices for no other reason than it makes me the happiest I can be right now. I also realize that has not always been truth in my life. I have wondered if it is because of where I am in my life, that I can say these things. Is it because when I learned that if I begin to create only for myself it seems to take the worry off my shoulders?

I had to slowly learn that even though I have a family, and bills, and other variables in my life just as everyone does, by finding out about how I felt about things, I began to walk away from that concept of fear. I used to keep myself up at night worrying about how I was going to make the house payment or buy groceries that week to feed my children. I worked a full time job and a part time job and could never keep up with the needs of my growing family. I never even attempted to do things that I needed for myself.

When I would go to my husband and share with him my frustrations he would simply say, “I never say no to you!”

That was the truth, but I could never figure out how come he could never say no to himself either. I always felt that maybe if he did, our lives could get back on track.

It was when I began to look at the truth… that I was simply jealous that he could just fill his needs and not worry about ours… that I began to really study that concept. How does one fill one’s own needs without harming the ones that you say you are in charge of?

As I started taking money out of my income to begin to take care of my personal needs, what I found out was that I was beginning to feel happier inside of myself. By feeling that happiness, I was then able to contemplate on what my needs truly are and comparing that with what I was saying were my needs; Like creating for my children or spouse what they claimed they needed versus what I truly needed. I began to watch and saw how, when it was I creating the ‘something’, it became valueless… but if I helped them learn how to create the something for themselves they took great pride in the creation.

This concept was much easier to teach my Children than my Spouse… simply because to them Mom was teaching them magic. My Spouse wasn’t as open, he had let himself believe in the concept that you cannot create. That is when I pulled myself even further from the concept of ‘you cannot’ and began to live side by side with someone who held that concept and I still created wonderful and magnificent things just for me… every day.

Now, two things began to happen-

1) I saw that I was a true creator in my life and could take care of myself and

2) I saw that this earth is limitless… it is simply our minds that make it so or not so.

I choose consciously to know that I am my creator, and through the use of my mind and my feelings I get to, and do, have all the wonderful experiences that I know I deserve, whether or not the people next to me desire to learn and use the understandings that I have. These concepts and ideals are there for each and everyone of us. It is up to you, the individual, to decide whether you will take the time to learn how to use and be the wonderful creator in your very own life.

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