Why Weigh Words?

Let’s talk about popular terms that are out there in the world. I would like to address some of them. Did you know that when you repeat words over and over you sit in an energy and a vibration that can be very misleading to a person that is trying to learn to have an internal power of Self? There are many terms that hold a vibration nothing like you desire to experience and yet they are so popular that you are saying them and repeating them without even using your thinking process. Do you really want that energy happening in my life?

So, where do I begin… let’s start with this phrase, ‘Shit happens’. Okay, it may be cute, it may have you be able to hang out with the crowd, but do you really want the Universe matching that vibration and having things that are wildly out of your control come into your life?

Yes, this is a very serious topic. Every phrase you use, every word that you may think is ever so wonderful to use, or so easy to use that you aren’t even paying attention to it anymore, sets the Universe in motion. It’s soul purpose is to create for each and every one of us. Yes, I used soul correctly, because it is the Universal collective conscious that creates.

It creates the exact physical image and experiences that your feelings are sitting in, so if you are sitting in: ‘Shit happens’, guess what you life experience is going to be? You got it… Shit Happens.

If you have a fear that you keep worrying about that is a vibration — the Universe does not recognize you do not desire that fear or the things that trigger it, the Universe simply reads fear and poof… you are living and breathing the very thing you have feared happening.

Again… look at the words, the sayings that you are repeating over and over. Do they match what your desire is to experience or are they the very thing you do not want to live through? This is another place in your life you are totally in charge of changing and no one can stop you. You just have to take the time to evaluate your life experiences… the past and present… and then make this change. Practice makes perfect.

Look at why you are using your words the way you do. Why did you start using the words and what was the purpose of using the words and phrases you do? This very small understanding can and does make life changing effects in your life.

Each and every person that has made changes with the words and phrases that they use has seen major changes as a result in their physical experiences… Try it, it works …. Yes it does.

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