Why Resist the truth?

Why would we not want to tell ourselves the truth? I think we would all most emphatically  say, “Of course we want the truth!” Yet I have seen time and time again, when given a choice in the beginning of the introduction of self accountability and responsibility, we choose to believe in the lie; the story that we have told ourselves about our life. Wow! This blew me away when I first started teaching!

I would listen to my client or student and they would begin to show how their story was holding them to a certain outlook on life.

Together we would break down the story and they could start to see how, if they became their own guardian instead of holding onto their story that someone from the past was accountable for their bad feelings, then their lives would dramatically change for the better.

Yet time and time again they would still want to hold another person or circumstance accountable for the life they were experiencing.

I spent a lot of time contemplating on why this would be the case. I knew from experience that by shifting ones awareness ones life changes. By changing ones feelings about anything, big or small, it changes ones way of living and feeling about ones life.

Yet still, it seems people would rather live with blaming someone else. They would rather be able to say, “someone did something to me so I should be sad.”

Okay, I agree then… you get to be sad. My question to that is, “Why do you want to be sad, or frustrated, or miserable? Or angry or experiencing any of those negative emotions?”

It is and has always been in your power to change how you relate to the people and the world and the circumstances around you. We are very powerful when we use our mind and our feelings for our benefit and not against ourselves!

So, in order to experience real change you must really want change. You must decide that you are willing to be accountable for your own feelings. That you will be responsible to maintain the attitude of I am going to use my feelings to change my world. Yes, it is all that you need to do. Change the way your heart and eyes see things in this world, and you will change the way things are happening to you and about you.

You can prove it to yourself by simply trying it.  I am here to help if you need.

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