Why “not” instant gratification.

The last time I was talking about instant gratification, I was trying to express how it is such a waste of our time and energy to desire to have things come so quickly. There is such a joy to have as we take the walk to experience something in our lives. To feel every step of the way. Each different and unique feeling as we get closer and closer to our hearts desire.

I am learning that when we sit in instant gratification, it actually allows fears and doubts to enter into any and all of our creations. The reason for this is because the second it does not show up, “right now,” we think it shall not come at all. Hence we spend so much time in fear of not having, that we create the very experience of Not having. Yes, that is correct. You are creating the NOT!

As I have taken this journey about how to have all our very large hearts desires, I have found it is not about ” Not,” wanting things. It is ” Not,” about not dreaming of the exact life that each of us thinks and feels is perfect for ourselves. It is about feeling what our life is right now at this moment.

To sit in the feel about what is working today. To then expand the feelings of the things and the life we would like to have right now coordinated¬†with what is happening in our life at this moment. Expand that… as you feel swelling of the energy within your being about all the right things right now, you just expand and blend that with what you are desiring for the future. Just feel it for this moment; this now. Then carry that feeling of expansion for yourself and go on about your daily life.

As we practice this expansion we shall see in this very now, how quickly our lives do change.  How quickly we are living the very life that we desired to expand.

Agree with me? I say challenge me… have a wonderful day into the evening tide.

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