Why have we not recognized we made the Choice that got us Here?

How many of us are shown, from our earliest memories, that we make choices that causes the next physical experience? How many of us, when that physical experience feels really bad, look over the whole event and find where we could… and maybe should have made a different choice.

I have found that the greatest challenge comes when we want to take control of our lives yet we still wish to look outside of ourselves for blame to be found. So one of the first things we work on is how to look at our lives without a concept of right or wrong. Now this is hard to give up.

You can begin to understand that the minute we blame someone else we no longer see where our choice was in the event. We then lose power over our own life.

One of the things I tell my students is everything after the “but” is simply an excuse that we are trying to get ourselves to believe. We should never need to explain away a choice. We make choices to show us where our feelings and emotions were. It is those things that create the next physical event in our life.

Of course if you are not liking the physical event that is going on around you it is not so easy to say, “What choices did I make to have this physical event take place?” Please understand that if you have not ever looked at your choices you do have many years of feelings and emotions that have been affecting your life for a very long time.

So it will take some time on your part to start breaking down what feelings created what event. It’s valuable to know when you should be expelling your emotions so that you do not have left over residue affecting your feelings; When you should expel your emotions about your frustrations so that you can have a pure sense of your feelings.

We get so many things all tangled up it is amazing that we are having any fun in our lives at all.

Once we begin to take charge and really want to be in charge of our own lives, we must walk away from right or wrong and find our choices in every act that we do………

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