Why Doesn’t Instant Gratification Work?!

Once again, I would like to write about instant gratification. There are some that include ‘entitlement’ along with the concept of instant gratification. I do believe that this has become prevalent in our young children and young adults.

So many seem to feel that what their parents have taken a lifetime to accumulate is to be theirs as they walk out of their schooling and begin a life of their own. What makes them feel this way?

Well, so many parents have felt guilty… for having both parents being gone while the children were growing… Or parents that felt that loving meant to give their children every and any thing they themselves did not have when they were young. There is a deep feeling within a parent to give to their children just out of love, but, the kind of ‘love’ attached to stuff, stops growth, it does not allow for the young being to begin to learn to create for themselves.

For whatever reason we desire to use, this still brings us to the point where we have a whole generation not knowing how to go out and begin to create for themselves.

We can see so many living with their parents late into their years claiming that they cannot make it on their own. I am not here to put blame on any one, I am here to show how, with this entitlement or instant gratification as a mind set of anyone, it will not allow the individual to take the first steps to find how to create for ones self.

We, as a whole, have become lazy and expect that creation must come from others. We do not spend the time in contemplation of what we most desire. We do not listen to the internal voice that guides us always. We have not been trained to understand feelings so we can hear that internal voice that will always lead us to the next door that unlocks our fates or the creations that our hearts are claiming we desire. Do not wait for the mystery package in the mail that will bring your fortune , you must take the physical walk… you must examine the results of the walk as a scientist , have the courage to take the steps to find out who you are and what it is that really will fulfill your dreams.

Only you can begin the walk that will lead you into your future and your dreams. It takes a little bit of courage and then just follow your heart. Before you know it you will be walking and breathing your dream… yes, your dream not your parents dream because you are usurping their creation and not creating your own…

do you agree with me? If not feel free to challenge me I wait to hear from you  have a great day and into the evening tide.

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