Why do we say no when we are asking for help?!

One the first things that I notice when I begin working with a new student or client is that even though they are asking for insight, they are not ready to really hear the words that will make a difference in their lives. Let me explain what I mean.

When we are tired of the way our daily experiences are unraveling in our lives, we begin to start looking for ways to change the outcome. When the words that could change the outcome are presented to us we have a tendency to defend the choices that brought us to the place we say we do not want to be.

I have learned through my own walk as long as we are defending the old, we can never find the new. It is hard for people to believe that it is not the choices of the past we have to defend. We have to be willing to look at them with new eyes. Remember if you keep making the same choices expecting a new outcome it is not going to happen.

You need to make different choices in a different feeling to have new outcomes in your life.

Sounds easy, yet this is the place that gets us stuck every single time. Can you come to a place where those choices are simply the choices that you made? You have a result. Do you want the same result or do you want a new result? It is here where we want to kill the messenger. (I know because, I am generally the messenger.)

So, if you can, go to a place where you remain in charge of the knowledge that your choices do not need to be defended they just need to be changed.

Once again this is a tricky part. We have to begin to hear where our thoughts take us. It is the underlying base where we have to start hearing the truth. It is here where our own prejudices catch us up because we do not see them or hear them in our conversations.

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