Why do we need to find ourselves?

This is a very interesting subject. I would like to think that each and every one of us wishes to always make a change in our lives for the better. The ability to push our own boundaries is probably the most difficult, as it comes with the contrast of someone or something we don’t desire so we can see if we come to the complete change that we desire.

Contrast is always the hardest for any of us to take though. In our need to find ourselves we must be willing to have contrast. It is the very thing that pushes us from the old mindsets. It is contrast that lets us see the bare essentials of old beliefs, the old bones that need to be let go of . Do we have the courage to allow the contrast into our lives?

What do I mean by allowing contrast. Contrast is someone or something that shows us the opposite side of our thoughts and feelings. It can seem as though the world is picking on you, but, if you stop and listen to your thoughts about this world, it will be the course that is there showing you how to change the thoughts that are preventing you from having true peace in this world.

We can begin by seeing how we are playing in pro peace vs anti-war. Can you tell me the difference ? Anti-war is a state of resistance, for example when all the things that drive you crazy are catching your attention and you let that rile you up. When you are in a constant state of agitation with little things and big things, when you are likely to see this world around you as if it is going to hell in a hand basket, and something you need to push against.

Nothing in your world is going to change when you sweat the little things. We must begin to understand that in order to change the big picture we have to change the little picture first. We are the little picture. We must find our inner guidance system. As we learn to use this system we start to see that what happens in the world has nothing to do with us. I mean this.

The outside world is simply the stage for us to learn to take care of our own feelings. Learn to stand in your true feelings.  Love for self… that is a true feeling.

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