Why do we drop our most desired creation?

As I sit in the wonder of what this world can send us, I realize it is our physical experience which is such a wonderful gift. It is there to show us the moment, right now… with no stories attached… just plain and simple expression. It’s the ever present opportunity to ask self: Do you want to go farther in this? Or should you stop and create something new right now?

It is here that one must be the most conscious… for it is here that we can choose to walk right into an old pattern or stand very still and take stock in what is being shown to us. Take out any emotion if there is any and with a very discerning eye, decide… Is this going into a new direction or is it an old pattern with a new ribbon on it so it looks different?

It is here where we need to be in a contemplative mood. We must sit in the quiet of our hearts. We must be honest… ever so honest… with ourselves. This is the place where lying to ourselves is the most deceitful thing we can do. It is here where we have to know ourselves to the core of who we are. Why? It is this very place where we make a new path and learn to fly or to go back to the stories that we tell that create the deep and very sad life we are claiming we know longer desire to experience.

We must question ourselves as if we are working with the love of our life. We should of course BE the love of our life. Yet, most of us can only do this for someone else, not ourselves. So… for the act of practice… I say do it for someone else. Pretend to be someone else.

Now, if you stand very still and very quiet, it is right here where you will be shown… by questions you ask yourself. Ask yourself questions like, does this really hurt my feelings? Has this happening or not happening really affected my life as it is, right now, this very moment?

This is a place we can get lost. Has this action that seems to be happening right now, this scary thing that has us almost giving up on our creation, really changed anything? It is right here we drop our creation like a hot potato and run right back into our old patterns, our old life. The one that we say, we pray, to get out of. Why??? Would it not be better to simply tell ourselves the truth about ourselves?

Do you agree with me? Challenge me then, better yet, challenge yourself…  have a wonderful day into the evening tide.

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    • thank you so much for your kind words , if there is any questions please I would love to hear them and then get back to you .. have a glorious day.

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