Why can no one hear me?!!!!!!

This is a question that not only have I asked myself, but many others have asked me as well. What seems to be happening, at least it did with me, was that I was trying to get myself to move out of an emotional scenario that was really doing harm to my soul.

What I mean is, I was losing the person that I had come here to be.

We can find ourselves in life experiences with friends and family that for whatever reason, becomes toxic to our soul. As we are giving up small pieces of ourselves, we tell ourselves stories. Yet all those stories do for us is take us farther away from that internal voice .

We can see our lives are not going the way we desired.
We can see that certain friends are just not understanding us.

What we do not see is our actions as they are seen by others.

This is the trickiest part . What and when do we start telling ourselves that we may be the very person our family and friends our telling us we are. What does that mean?

Do we like what we are hearing about ourselves? Whether we do or not, this should be our starting point. All things must go on a scale.

Now, first and foremost we must have love be the fulcrum, which is the support on which all your ideas and beliefs sit.

To learn the truth about yourself you have to have the base of love. Then you have to put all other emotions and feelings and feedback on this scale.

It is only by being honest and putting all people’s feedback on the same scale that you going to learn to tell yourself the truth.

Please, for your sake, put everyone’s feedback on this scale as well as your heart truth. I work with so many people that have two or three scales that they are using when weighing out their feed back. They don’t even realize they have put things on different scales. A that takes you right back to the question, “Why does no one hear me?”

We all know what is the very best for ourselves. We just tell ourselves a story about how we cannot do this one thing because ….? I am sure you, as well, have said this. You have tried to justify why you are not doing what is best for you.

Take a close look at this please, this is where you get off the scale and say you are not worth …………  Ask yourself, ” If I am not worth it then who is?” Without you really… what is your life?

Let’s talk about this or any questions you may have.   Have a great day and into the evening tide.

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