Why are You Neglecting Your Heart?

heart in a crackOne of the things that I do repeatedly throughout the year is to look back at what my life was like just six months ago. I do this so I do not lose sight of all the quiet changes that happen without a lot of fan fair or parades. I bring this up to you because at first giving up the victim mode of our society is not an easy feat. You must be sure that as you are doing your evaluation process that it is always about you, yourself, and no one else. Whenever you look at what decision you are making and the choices that you make in those everyday moments, you must be clear with yourself that they are yours and yours alone.

You cannot have the idea that if the someone would only change just a little that your life would be perfect. Let’s get real here. You are a god being unto yourself, right? You have that birthright to live your life exactly as you like to. Or should I say if you made choices to support that it would be your birthright.

Then please take the time right now and look seriously at why you would have the right to believe that someone else should change for you? Oh my, you have not looked at it like that before? Well my Sweet one, you must begin to look at the other people in your life and accept that they have just as much right to do exactly as they desire as you do.

What, you do not want to look at the fact that you may be the one that is really making others lives unhappy? Why do you not choose to make the changes in you that will make your life beautiful, wonderful, and when you breath it just feels so glorious just to be alive? As long as you believe that someone else’s choices make you happy or sad you are not standing in the Universal truth that you are your very own god being.

When I talk about the fact that by accepting that fact about you, you should then begin to ask yourself a very important question… that is… Why, when everything in you is screaming do not do this, do you still go forward with the action step?

Look back now and then find the story that comes to you. It is the first time. Bring that story from the past up to today and then find that very same kind of vibrational choice that you are making right now, today. That is the secret, go to that first story then look at how and where today you are making the very same kind of choices!!!!!!

Now always ask yourself… do you want to look back in six months or a year or even ten years and go, “Oh my God, I have just wasted all this time again making choices that did not take my heart into account.”

So as I shared in the beginning look back and see, have you slipped into the old mindset that set you on your path to unhappiness or have you incorporated the new concepts that allow you to evaluate beforehand to be prepared for your choices, and after so you can then decide if you will make that choice again or are you going to modify the choice to better fit who and what and when the real you should always be ……..





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