Who’s telling the Truth,”Them or Me?”

I think the hardest thing about having true communications with others is not getting lost in questioning what are facts and what is fiction with our stories and other peoples stories.

What do I mean by stories. Well, we always should look at where our prejudices are about any situation and rule them out of how we are telling our version of anything that happens in our lives.

Are we then telling the story in the way that makes our choices, our actions, in the best light possible? Or are we telling it in a way that we can see how we made the choice and how it resulted in the outcome we had. This is how we learn how to begin having outcomes that bring peace to our lives. To grow from our experiences. To feel how we are the one and only person in charge of whom we are.

This is how we have the power and control of all that happens to us. Yet how many of us really tell the story with all the gory details. I have found that this is the very secret that sets us free. We cannot look at our garbage and get mad that we have it. We simply have to learn what actions we are taking that makes usĀ  lose control and throw our garbage at the others in our story.

I have been thinking about why a person cannot be honest. I mean all the way around. Not just to ones self but, also, when one is repeating an experience. Even when they know what they are saying out loud has no truth at all, they continue to say words that just hurt. Do we really scare that easily that we cannot just talk about what is really going on in our hearts?

If we would just talk from our hearts as if we were explaining or re-telling a story it would so change the experience between the two people having the conversation. Why do we not hold ourselves accountable to speak from the heart and not throw crap in where it does not belong. That is the hardest part.

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