Which Feeling Do I Follow?

As I was working with my class last night we were talking about how do we truly recognize when we have gotten ourselves into a situation that we do not feel good about and how to get out of it.

What I mean is… We know what our feelings are telling us.

Sometimes that feeling is, “No way… we should not be here, we should not be doing this.” Now what? Then is when we must ask, “Was it my internal feelings that I trusted that got me in this mess?”

We are spending a lot of time on this discussion, it is the very thing that gets us stuck in old patterns and not having the results of new and happier life experiences . In this discussion we focused on two points. We discussed how we can learn to trust our true feelings. The second point we discussed was how can we put on the scale both our pros and cons… and come to a true understanding of self?

We are beginning to come to an understanding of what it is like to put only our pros and cons on the scale and not put ourselves on one side or the other.

As we were talking an understanding started to surface. If you can not see your reasons why you have hurt feelings, it is because you, yourself,  are standing on one side of the scale… so you can see only the other side. The hurt side.

We have been talking about the kinds of questions that we should be asking ourselves. That the answers to the questions that we are asking can reveal the very thing that is preventing our conscious self from seeing the truth. If we are not careful with our questions the question itself may be the very thing preventing us from seeing the truth.

Seems silly does it does it not? Yet I am finding time and time again this is one of the major reasons we are not trusting our internal guidance system.

Standing on our scale and not trusting our internal guidance system can really get us off track. Which is why we end up showing up places and responding in ways that just keep blowing our minds. Putting us in places where we must start asking, “Why am I continually doing and saying things that are just simply not me.”

We must always remember what we are feeling today.

What you do and say about yourself and the life experience you are having today is directly responsible for what you are going to be experiencing  tomorrow.

Catch today and your tomorrows will get easier and easier to be in charge of…

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