Where you have your Self love hidden

love-yourselfI would like to talk about self love and why you may not be able to explain to me where you have your Self love hidden. First of all you must truly sit down and look at where your Self Love is. Hmmm… think about this, what truly is Self Love? You would think that your Self Love would be at the top of your thought chain. You would be able to give example after example of when and how you show your Self Love to yourself all the time.

As I walk my Students and Clients through their process of seeing where and when they set down their Self Love I have come to see that Self Love is set aside every time, and I do mean every time, that you tell a story about how something happened to you. It is that mind set that something is done to you or that someone or something is taken from you that causes you to begin the process of making choices against your own heart.

So crossing your own boundaries or letting someone else cross your boundaries as well is putting aside your Self Love. So now you are looking at the truth of, ‘Okay, so I have been allowing people to cross my boundaries for like ever. So this finding my own Self Love feels kind of overwhelming to me. Just how do I take the steps to truly find the real me again?’

It does take time. You need to be able to go back to those first times even as you are looking at today and when and where you are the most vulnerable within your everyday interactions. Who are you most vulnerable to losing your control with when you have to stand up just for yourself? You want to look at the interactions you are having with these individuals because in even looking at why you feel you are losing yourself in the interactions with them you will begin to see where you first started telling the story that you were alone or in some way or another someone else had control over your actions and choices.

That is truly the crux of why you started letting go of your Self Love. You did not have a Guardian who shared with.

Now can you see that it was your choice and your choice alone not to share what was going on in your life? Can you see that when you did share that things began to change and in that change did you maintain the sense that you were making choices? That is the only reason you would start dropping your Self Love like little pieces of M & M’s as you continued to move forward, so it would seem, in your life.

You, of course, are growing in chronological age but because you are dropping pieces of your Self Love you are not truly growing in your emotional self. Hence the reason that you can lose control of your emotions at some times to others..

I shall share more about this in another blog post but, take the time now to follow some of your stories back to when you were little. Tell them in a different way this time. Tell the story with you making conscious choices that could have been made then. Knowing that you could have, at any age, made conscious choices…





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