Where is Your Energy Leaking?

Leaking: Looking at this word, how would you put that into the concept of looking at this world in a metaphysical format?

Would you look at it as a leaky hose and how only a small amount of water is leaking as you are using the spray nozzle, but you can get a clear stream of water for the purpose of using the hose? Or would you look at a dam and seeing the floodgates open to prevent the dam from breaking and have hundreds of people affected by all the water that is being held back behind the dam?

Either way the effect is very detrimental to your internal thought process, which in turn is how and why your needs are being met or not being met. When we have what in each one of your terms is a chaotic event it dramatically affects your equilibrium. It takes time to get yourself, your emotions back on track. So when you have a very traumatic effect in your life you notice and take steps to get your life back under your control.

Think about though when you have the leaky hose effect. You still have a large portion of your life going smoothly so you continue with the slight irritant of the leaky hose. Not paying attention that sometimes you forget to shut off the main valve to the hose and so water is leaking and you do pay for your water if you live in an area where there is water treatment. So then it has affected your life in a small way yet that extra money could have gone for something else.

So look at your thoughts they directly affect the outcome of your needs being met or not. If you have allowed this irritant to continue in your thought process without knowing where the leaky thought is, it will become that dam breaking when you least expect it.

Why, because our thoughts are a vibration and vibration collects like particles, the vibrations/particles have an atomic weight to them, this creates physical experiences. If your leaky thoughts which are irritants continue to collect particles of like vibration you are going to have that trauma which will seem like it came out of left field . When really because you did not take the time to look at the little tiny irritant when it was very easy for you to change the choices that allowed the irritant in the first place.

So, the real lesson here is to simply take the time to look at your feelings, noticing when you’re happy or when you are sad, even when you feel your day is just mediocre you always want to keep track of how your thoughts support your happiness or how your thoughts are supporting you have a just so, so life.

It is always in the choices you are making that is supporting the kind of feeling you desire that gives you the power to change anything in your life.

The choice is always yours first and foremost……….


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