Where does it get us to be the nice guy? Really!!

Okay, I have been working with my class and we have been discovering how to stand in the selflessness of self.  In this discovery we have seen how when we think we are doing something for some one else, we should be getting a good feel and outcome. Yet this does not seem to be the case so much of the time. Why is that do you think?

Well, when we do not stand in the truth about if we truly had a need to do the said, issue… When we do things that we did not really want to do and did not have the courage to say “no, not this time”,  it does not matter the reason that we tell ourselves we should. If we simply do not feel like doing so then We should not. It blows up on us in one degree or another.

Yes, It DOES, then we get to continue stories like, no one ever does anything for me. There a dozen more stories that we like to tell ourselves. We do not even stop to think about how things might have turned out if we had said, “no” when we need to. We would not try to have others, that could not follow through at the time we have a need,  do something for us. Whatever it is, find the person who can do it, not the person that we feel we want to do it for us.

Okay, even to me this is sounding like a vicious circle. Yet this is what happens to the nice guy. Everyone gets upset with them. Is this what we truly want?

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