Where Do Your ‘Stuffed’ Feelings Go?

Pushing Away boxWhere do you think it goes? Why do you push away from yourself the very information that would set you free? Yes you, as we all do, have those thoughts in your head that say, “Oh I shouldn’t feel like this” and what do you do… you then shove the feeling away from yourself. Giving yourself all kinds of practical reasons why you should not feel the way you do.

Yet you are having those feelings and then where do they go once you have pushed them away? Do they float away into the ether’s? Do they go and become someone else’s feelings and ideals? Just where do those feelings, those thoughts, those ideals that would open the door for you to let go of the anxiousness, the stress, the hurt, and the pain of the moment go? Where do they go when you do not look at them and study them so that they become the strength to support you in your next step forward?

Well I can tell you they do not just float away from you each and every time you ignore those feelings, ideals and opinions and you push them away from your conscious mind. You are not freeing yourself from the effects. The effects stay with you, only they are not on your radar. That is right. They affect each and everyone of your choices. That is correct, they are influencing the vibration of each of your creations. They affect how you are interacting with people and they still are not on your radar.

Have you ever had people tell you that you were dishonest? Well we are reacting only within the confines of issues that we have resolved within ourselves, so if you have been pushing issues away from yourself because they were too painful to deal with, you simply do not see that the pain is intertwining itself with every action that you have.

You think that you are keeping your feelings to yourself. Guess what… you are wrong. It comes sneaking out all over the place. Everyone else sees it and sees it very easily because of course they are not attached to your issues. Some people make allowances for these behaviors, instead of letting you know how they are being seen by others. Yet you are still stuffing these feelings and not seeing where they are going.

These are the very vibrations that then, as an undercurrent, prevent you from ever having your insights and understandings come to a unified vibration of peace that would let your creations prosper and grow into a beautiful and fulfilling life for you. So the next time you are having feelings and emotions that you want to push away from yourself please remember that in so doing those vibrations have not gone anywhere and will disrupt your creative energy.

Look at them. See how they are getting in the way of your truth and happiness. Begin to work with them in mind. This is how you get into a balance of true peace and happiness. You will begin to see easily how, when an emotion comes to the surface, you can take the time to look at and understand it, and this is what gives you peace and the grace to walk forth with love in your heart. Now that is the vibration you should be wanting to create from and then expand to greater and greater experiences.






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