When Your Inner Child Gets Triggered

childswing_vladoThere is a wonderful feeling when you begin to see how the little child within reacts in the way of sabotaging your life. When at first you become aware of these little child emotions and how they can have you make choices that really take away from you the very things your heart and soul are yearning for, you start to feel a sense of relief.

Does that sound too far out? Well, it is very true. Have you ever been in a place in your life where the most wonderful things should be happening and for some reason your emotions seem to be getting in the way left and right?

Well, it is very hard for you to separate that the emotion that you are experiencing is really just that small child’s fears affecting your thoughts and mind. Which then begin to dissemble the very life you are beginning to create for yourself. Now you would not think that a small child would react that way when you are making your internal and external life whole and happy for yourself… yet this is exactly what is happening.

This happens because up to now, not a lot has been shared about how vibrations trigger a response from this small child. It does not have anything to do with your present circumstances, it only has to do with the ping of the vibration. So it has nothing to do with the physical experience itself, it is how it pings your internal set up.

That is the wonder of this place called Earth and how we can have a billion souls here and yet have a unique experience that is like no one else here. That does then create a very unique barrier because until you know what response your broken little child is having you are not really able to take charge of your own life.

This is one of the times in your life that you must learn focus. It is in the integrity that you must hold about those other god beings you are playing with that will have you begin to see how and when your broken little child is sabotaging your attempts of making the changes you desire to experience in your life.

Once you have felt the reason why your little child is responding, begin to put your focus on how that response feels. You will start to see how, when you begin to experience what you desire, the vibration of the scenario is triggering you/your broken child. Here is where you can now work on being the guardian to that broken part of yourself so that you can begin to heal those pieces of yourself that are getting in the way of you truly knowing yourself. This is the beginning of creating the most wonderful experiences that you, yes you, are in total charge of having.





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