When You Take The Time…

question-your-storyWhen you take the time to question the steps you are about to take in your life, you will begin to understand the feelings and emotions that surface about those steps.

When you take the time to learn about how the intuitive internal part of you works you will begin to see how even though things come at you, you will be prepared to deal with those things without a fear that would in the past overwhelm and disable you from taking the steps that will change how you feel about yourself .

When you have prepared yourself internally for the life you desire you will be able to cope with any and all things that come at you in this world.

This world we live in will always have chaos panic, fear, and loss in it. That is the nature of this glorious place, but you can begin to learn about how you feel about you. You can create a dictionary of symbols, feelings, and emotions, for yourself so that when that subtle warning bell goes off inside of you you will already know exactly why and where it is coming from.

It comes from the stories that we hold dear to our hearts about the life experiences we have had with our families and friends. It is how, without a true Guardian, we have allowed those very stories to rule our lives. They whisper in our ear how we are not loved, we are all alone, we can not achieve or be the person we want to be. The stories that prevent the divine soul that is within us from filling us with power and understanding but instead causing us to shrivel and dry up, to separate from your physical body and begins to reside more fully in the 5th dimension.

When you begin to question your thoughts and how you have allowed your stories to rule your life you can begin to take back your life by constantly paying attention to how the voice that tells you you can not change is the one that you created by not allowing the Universal Truth to support you through your experiences. There was a time when you were guided but you decided it was more beneficial to sit in your pain.

Understand… you are in charge! You are choosing each and every moment to stay in your pain in the stories that tell you you are not loved, or worthy or the other multitude of words we can berate ourselves with… OR you can choose to show yourself that you have always been and will always be in charge of those things that bring you joy and those things that bring you pain.

It is all in whether you question yourself with the honesty that brings you freedom. That means practicing seeing the story that you hold so dear in another light… in the light where you can see that you could have made a different choice and in that choice you would have then had a different result. It is right there that you begin to take your power back.

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