When you begin to change the world around you should not!

I think one of the biggest mistakes that happens to people in search of peace and change in their lives is believing that because they are changing so should the rest of the world. Not going to happen my friend. Why?

Well, why does anyone else have to change because you desire to change? Truly ask yourself this question. Why should anyone else want to walk your walk. Does this sound like I am talking about two different things. It may if you have read my posts. Yet this is what I have been saying.

The way you feel and experience the world will change; not necessarily so for the people in your world. They have free will just as you do. So even though they may be saying they desire change that is not always the case. They may be just speaking out loud so that they can hear what their feelings are trying to say to them. Still it is not for us to try to change them.

We do not help others, we can only help ourselves. I say this because of how many people out there are claiming to help others feel truly at peace with their choice. I feel many people are not sitting in joy about helping others. If they feel they are not getting credit for what they are doing they begin to feel bad about not getting any acclaim for their efforts. So please, only work on helping yourself.

This is where you will feel the greatest pleasure as you see the changes that appear in your own self-expression. It will become apparent to you that the things that used to bother you about others disappear and you now have an appreciation for the struggle of their walk. This new perspective then allows you to feel at peace with them as well as kindness towards yourself while you are in your self exploration.

This is the place that allows the most growth for each of us… when we no longer look at others with anger or disgust. For we now can have love for the struggle we were in not seeing for ourselves that the power to change any life experience has always been within ourselves. Hard to hear in the beginning. Once we simply accept our power there is much progress that can be made.

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