When we feel brand new…

As we all know, when someone new comes into our lives we feel new and alive. The world feels as though we could take it by the tail and win at anything we try our hand at. Why is that? What is it about having a new person in our lives that makes us feel that way?

I myself have had the wonder of these feelings going on inside of me. Yet I stop and take hold of this feeling. What has changed? Am I different? What has been going on inside of me? Where have my contemplations taken me? You see we can get lost in the fact that it is the new person or things in our life that is making the difference instead of looking at the fact that you or I had to be sitting in a new feeling to have the person or experience come to us.

When we start feeling those wonderful feelings, some of those loved ones around us begin to look at us and accuse us of having someone else taking up our time. Of course, because this new feeling about ourselves has brought new people and new experiences to us we might feel pressured to think there is something wrong with it.

Do we keep sight of this awareness that our allowing a new feeling is resulting in attracting new people and experiences, or do we get lost and let go of the new us? Do we dare give up on the old and go to the new people and experiences? These are questions that I have long looked at.

I have worked with my students on these questions also so they can come to the understanding that it has always been them. It is always you making the  feeling so good. And it is that feeling that brought new people into yours and their lives.

Do not lose sight of the fact that it was and always is  you...  It is your feeling that the Universal truth is drawn to. So enjoy the new experiences, the new people who begin to share your life. Just do not let go of the power of the fact that it is you and has always been you .

Then you will not lose that part of yourself. You do not have to take a long walk in a circle just to find you are once again discovering the wonder and glory of yourself years later…

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