When to Walk Away

Ahhh…. that first bloom of love. The one that was so intense that it just rocked your world. Well, you can feel this for yourself when you begin to stand up for yourself in the quiet way of the simple truth that you really do get to. That you do not have to fight your way out of anything .

Have you found yourself having to tell people over and over that you have changed and to give you a chance to prove it? Have your really? Then I am here to say, I love you… Try to hear what I have to say.

You are just trying to prove to yourself that you have changed. From walking it the hard way all the time, I can tell you with the passion of the truth that I have found it does not have to be hard.

You do not have to prove that you have changed. Your simple quiet actions will say that for you. If you find yourself having to have the last word stop yourself immediately… do everything it takes to walk away from those people who are trying to push you past your soft, loving control place that is what you are becoming.

Those that say, “Oh no! There you go… always running away.”

Love yourself enough to say… ouch… but remember, it is when you leave the energy goes with you. There is nowhere for the other persons energy to go. So they will bully you into staying.

Yet the best thing you can do for yourself is recognize that what they are saying is not nice. Then leave the room, the building, whatever or wherever you are. Go with love in your heart.

Again remember they are fighting for their life energy. They are used to playing with you that way. Even if it is not healthy people will continue to play in the energy because until they look at the whys and begin to understand that it is a weak point in your/ their story about the life that has been lived up till now, they simply don’t know any better. It is normal for all to need the energy of those in their lives.

It is not healthy but it is a normal thing here. So, find your mentor, the teacher, a guardian that can help you understand those things about yourself that you do not want to look at. The greater you can find the love for yourself the greater your strength to make the choices that are necessary for self.

It is the truth, it works. I am living proof… have the most glorious day.

Delrae J Bantz

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