When Stories Get Triggered

surpriseHow do you ask a question of someone else when the subject is very near and dear to you? I am talking about those questions that affect how your little girl or boy get triggered and want to make you scream and yell and even at times cry. Well I hope you know me well enough by now that of course I am going to go into the spiritual side of this question.

The spiritual aspect of any question is the deeper look at why you feel your separation from your true god source. When you feel that frustration the sad thing is you become only conscious of your own pain, so you do not see that you lash out at those around you. That behavior is simply not okay no matter how you look at it. This is where spirit comes in. You look at why your heart is frustrated and in pain.

When you begin to look deeply it will show you stories in your life that are being triggered by the choices you are making today.

One of the ways to be always unhappy is when you are trying to control all those loved ones and co-workers. Control is when you believe that you know what is best for everyone else. You do not know anything about your own inner feelings because all you allow yourself to look at is all those things that people around you are doing to hurt you!

Now I know that this may sound harsh to you. Yet how do you feel about how your life is going? Do you want the truth so you can start walking towards a life of happiness? Or do you want to continue only having a longing for all those people around you to change? Are you tired yet? When you begin to answer these questions you are not going to like the fact that all those people that you have been saying need your guidance and expertise can get along and do so very well without your control in their lives.

So you must look at why you are sabotaging your life each and every moment you make a choice to try to get someone else to change . This is exactly what you are doing. You must begin to look at those beginning choices that you made because you did not want to stand up for yourself that very first time. Whether it was because adults told you you had to, or peer pressure, or getting yourself in a situation that you simply did not walk away from. This is where it begins for each of us. So you do have to go back to those stories that you let yourself down by the choice of going forward rather than only doing what in your deep heart you knew was the best for you .

When you can look at those times you chose someone else you will begin to see why that little person is having you lash out today when you have that same kind of vibration hit your heart.

Your job to your soul is to acknowledge that this is about you for you.

Do not let yourself get side tracked by putting your energy into someone else’s issues . Put everything you have into the awakening of your own soul.





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