When is it my turn?

My turn. Why do I write these two words?

This is something that at a certain point of working with the understanding of responsibility and accountability, everyone comes and asks me about.

It is a time when my clients and students have been with me for a while and they are learning how to begin to fill their own needs. They are taking the responsibility of seeing their needs and filling them. Yet they have not quite understood how to let go of the idea that the other person showing up around an issue in their life is not stepping up also.

I think this is a crucial point where my student or client wants to quit the whole walk of truth. It is at this moment that each of us stops and has to ask ourselves Why me?

I know there have been many times in the past when I have asked myself Why? What made me go forward? Once I learned a truth about this wonderful plane called Earth, and learned the Universal Truth that I could no longer stop or forget what I had already learned, it was actually harder for me to pretend that I did not care .

Yet I had to admit to myself that I did care. Somewhere in me I realized that my life would be so much happier once I found how not to blame anyone for my life experiences . Not an easy thing to do.

At first I did not see, until I had done so, that I was falling into a belief that had no Peace in it for me. I felt so much better, even as I scraped my knees so to speak, knowing I was responsible for my life rather than to give the power to someone else.

I came to see that is what I was doing when I would blame someone else for any of my emotions. How could I make myself feel better if someone else made me feel what I was feeling? So on I went to delve into what it means to take true charge of my life?

Wow, you would not believe it, yet asking and answering questions about this has changed my world, my life. I am, for the first time, touching what it is to love. Not the love we so often hear poets talk about, but the love that sages talk about. Deep love for all things

Do you agree with me? if not challenge me…

have a great day and into the evening tide.

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