When Intellect Trumps Feeling

How do you find yourself if you only know how to stand in your intellect and think you are standing in your feelings? This is a question that is not asked of me but I see is clearly the case as I work with a person.

They are hearing what I am saying and yet cannot get out of the intellect long enough to see how quickly changes can happen in their lives if they would simply sit in their internal feelings.

So, where do you primarily sit, in your intellect or your feelings? For someone that sits in their intellect it is easy for them to talk about the concepts of feelings and emotions. They will be able to discuss it in great detail but you will find them not able to change the base concepts that make true and lasting change in their lives.

A person that sits primarily in their intellect will never have anything to share. Now you might be saying, “Well that cannot be me then because I share all the time.”

When I talk about sharing I am talking about when two or more people get together and they begin to share the internal understandings of the questions that they are searching answers for. The person that sits in the intellect will share old experiences but will struggle in the leap frog effect of holding and understanding how one experience directly affected another in a way that they can utilize the lesson to directly change the way they react in an old pattern in their life.

A person that sits in their feelings, recognizes the thread because of how the actual experiences felt to them. When they look at the life experiences that have the same feel, they can see the pattern of the choices they made along the journey called life. It is with the feeling experience they decide, “Oh, I like how it feels in my internal make up when I respond this way vs. how it felt when I responded the other way in a similar life experience.”

I am still working on how to teach people to fall into their feelings vs going into their intellect. It is generally because of the trauma they felt that hurt their feelings so badly that they deflected the feeling and went into their brain to start ‘reasoning’ instead of standing in the heart to make choices to make their heart feel better.

I am not saying that people who sit in intellect are not wonderful caring people. What I am saying here is that it is so very hard and frustrating for those very loving caring people to make the kind of changes in their life patterns to change their lives forever.

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